ACDM Structure

Each Committee is responsible for a specific ongoing activity of the ACDM and expected to fulfil goals set by themselves and the Board of Directors. A Committee Chairperson leads each Committee, usually supported by a Secretary and Bookkeeper.

Working Parties
Working Parties are instituted by the ACDM Board of Directors to produce a specific end product. At the completion of the project, the Working Party is disbanded. A Working Party Chairperson leads each Working Party.

Special Interest Groups
Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are instigated by ACDM members who have a specific interest in a subject area related to Clinical Data Management. Following approval by the ACDM Board of Directors, interest amongst ACDM members is assessed and, if apparent, the SIG is set up. A SIG Chairperson leads each SIG.

ACDM Committees

-Organises and runs the Annual Conference

International Collaboration
-Co-ordinates with data management groups around the world, eg DVMD (Germany), NCDM (Nordic) SCDM (USA) and industry initiatives such as CDISC

-Produces the quarterly Newsletter including monthly calendar of events

Senior Forum
-Organises and runs Senior forums.

Public Relations
-Works to increase the profile of ACDM

Technical Meetings
-Organises Technical Meetings throughout the year

-Develops, produces and organises all ACDM training courses to support the needs of ACDM members
-Supports and develops the ACDM Web Site (

Special Interest Groups
Forums for exchange of ideas:
-Coding and Dictionaries
-Electronic Data Capture 
-Laboratory Data
-Project Management 

Working Parties
- Clinical Research Computer Systems Validation