Summer 2008: Work Life Balance

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Editorial - David Baker

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College Week Autumn 2008

Tips for Working as a CDM Contractor - Kenneth Milstead

eDC in an Early Phase Setting - Richard Young

Work/Life Balance

Life Matters - Jon Milton and Gill Lawrence

Volunteering: Challenging and Rewarding - Jean Cornhill

GSK Harlow Community Day - Gillian Squire

Singapore and Thailand - Jean Cornhill

To Study or Not to Study, that is the question.... - Michelle Fry

Experiences of Working from Home - Jane Tucker

International Network of Clinical Data Management Associations 

Coca Tea Prevents Altitude Sickness - the next Clinical Trial? - Carly Baker

What does Work Life Balance Mean...!? - Dawn Nottage

Hot Desking - Sarah Huggett

ACDM People

Profiles - David Smith and Jane Tucker (Co-chairs of Clinical Research Computer System Validation Working Party)


ACDM Diary