International collaboration committee
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International collaboration committee

Our primary objective is to further the globalization of Clinical Data Management by promoting collaboration among Clinical Data Management groups around the world and providing an international forum for discussion of, and feedback on, current topics of relevant to the discipline of Clinical Data Management.

Our Aims:

  • Develop an inventory of documentation available amongst its members, which will include both procedural (constitutions, bylaws, policies etc) and operational (training materials, laboratory data guides, GCDMP, coding references, etc) documentation.
  • Collaborate with DIA CDM and eClinical SIACs representatives to co-ordinate reciprocal arrangements for promotion at conferences and involvement of INCDMA in program committees for DIA CDM and eClinical related workshops.
  • Compile a list of documents for review. Distribute documents to experts for peer review. Provide global input to relevant draft regulatory documents and identify documents for further review.
  • Further its knowledge in EDC, eClinical, eRisk and ePro topics by liasing with relevant forums, researching and reviewing relevant upcoming guidelines for EDC, eClinical, eRisk and ePro.
  • Collaborate with different organisations to produce training webinars or tutorials or courses offered to all the countries participating in INCDMA.
  • Analyze the future of the DM role. Define and identify additional and changing skill sets, requirements and training needs.