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Newsletter Committee

The ACDM Newsletter Committee delivers a high quality, quarterly newsletter called ‘DataMatters’ containing news, information and articles which are useful and relevant to the ACDM membership.

Submit an Article

If you would like to submit an article, please email it to and refer to the ‘Guideline for Contributors’.

submit your article

Here are just some ideas for articles we would welcome:
• Industry-related – data management or any other area, especially those with close working relationship with data managers
• Feedback on attending an ACDM training course
• Feedback on involvement in an ACDM SIG or Committee
• ACDM Conference experiences
• ‘Day in the life of …..’ – share with members some of the challenges you face in your daily working life.
• Hot topics
• Personal activities – life-changing decisions, hobbies or interests, travel stories
• Comments/opinions on previous articles
• ……….. the list is endless

Advertising or Sponsorship Opportunities

Why not advertise in or even sponsor our next newsletter? Full details can be found under the Advertising Rates section and the benefits are great. For example, sponsorship of the next newsletter will provide you with the whole of the centre pages to advertise your company, services, jobs, etc to our specific CDM membership, and we will include a FREE advert on our home page for that month. And remember, the newsletters are always available to members at any time online, so effectively your advert can still be seen long in the future.

Join our Committee

As a committee we have a diverse range of experience, but only a limited amount of time to devote to the creation of DataMatters. So, this is where you can help us. If you are interested in joining the committee and would like the opportunity to develop and produce a professional, quality newsletter, please email We need your help!