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Project management SIG

Our Aims:
  • To share information and experiences relating to Project Management as applied to Data Management environments from across the industry and to raise the awareness of Project Management activities conducted by Data Management.
Our Strategy:
  • To generate reference documents relating to key topics, and to share these with the rest of the ACDM as a whole through training or as a ready resource of information for project managers to access.
So far these topics have been discussed:
Defining project management within data management –
What is Project Management to a Data Manager, and how does it vary across the levels of data management.
Resource planning and management –
How is resource determined during the life of the study and how is resource managed, especially in the differences between pharmaceutical company and CRO.
Risk Planning and Management -
Identifying and mitigating for various risks that may occur during the Developing risk strategies,
Metrics –
What are metrics, what do you need to track and how would you do it.
EDC versus Paper –
Differences between project managing a traditional paper versus an EDC study.
The committee meets face to face 3 to 4 times a year, normally preceded by a teleconference, and the hosting is normally rotated through its members depending on their location and facilities. Discussions are normally lively and everyone gets to learn new things or at least see data management from a different perspective.
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