Message from the ACDM Chair


Dear Members,

Over the last 3 years, the association has had little success attracting new board member nominations prior to voting at the annual conferences. As a result a number of the current members have served for 3 years or more. Our Memorandum and Articles require board members to step down after 6 years and I for example will be stepping down in March 2012. It is for this reason I write to you to encourage more active participation the running of the association.

Benefits to individuals and to their companies

By joining the board, you make a valuable contribution to your profession whilst gaining unprecedented opportunities to network with colleagues in other companies - after all, this is why we join networking sites such as Linked-In. Active participation presents opportunities to get involved with issues outside your immediate career goals including interaction with other associations (for example ICR, TOPRA or SCDM) or with regulatory authorities (MHRA). Your employer also benefits as you are better informed, connected and are able to bring a broad perspective to issues through your connections or perhaps simply to help with finding suitable candidates for internal opportunities.

So what commitments does it take to be a board member?

The board has face to face meetings approximately every 6-8 weeks. We take it in turns to host meetings – currently most meetings occur in the south east of the UK. Each board member is assigned responsibilities ranging from Chairperson, Treasurer, or Secretary (officers) or as the board liaison for a Committee, Working Party, Special Interest Group etc. These responsibilities may or may not require an additional time commitment for a teleconference or two between board meetings.

Any member of the association may volunteer to join the board and there are no restrictions on experience, age or specific skill sets. All it needs is a passion and commitment to work for the betterment of this professional association. We currently have vacancies on the board, so you do not need to wait to throw your hat in.

If you are interested in discussing this opportunity or indeed joining any of the other ACDM committees, why not email at

Fred Daniels

Chair ACDM


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