Hot Topic Discussion - Data Transparency - is everything clear?


Recent meetings between regulatory agencies, pharma companies and the media have highlighted the fact that public access to data is at a minimum restricted and at worst is deliberately buried. In order to try and overcome perceptions that companies have 'something to hide' a number of activities have been introduced. These include the establishment of policies for proactive publication of clinical trial data, and the written commitment of companies such as GSK and Roche to publish clinical trial data. The Hot Topic will discuss wether data management professionals have anything to contribute to these initiatives.

Why not join us to discuss this interesting topic and give us your perspective and share your experiences with others across the industry on Wednesday 24th April @ 12pm GMT

These interactive sessions will be totally FREE of charge to members and will be around an hour long.

To take part in the teleconference discussion, please email to confirm your attendance to the host – Paul Fardy, who will provide you with dial in details.


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