Hot Topic Discussion - Transcelerate - What we've all been waiting for!


Transcelerate - What we've all been waiting for!

Is it what we've all been waiting for?
As we all know, there are things within the pharmaceutical industry that are being done differently by nearly each and every company. The lack of synergies, and sharing of information has made it less efficient and that has been recognised to need urgent change. But how ? Sharing of infrastructure? Regulatory endorsement? Further improvement of Clinical data Standards? Can Transcelerate Biopharma Inc simplify and accererate the delivery of treatments to patients, and what will it mean to Clinical data management.

Why not join us to discuss this interesting topic and give us your perspective and share your experiences with others across the industry on Friday 17th May @ 12pm GMT

These interactive sessions will be totally FREE of charge to members and will be around an hour long.

To take part in the teleconference discussion, please email to confirm your attendance to the host – Ian Pinto who will provide you with dial in details.

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