eClinical Committee Update – Hosting of eClinical Solutions and eSource


We recently changed the approach to eClinical committee meetings so that each call has a more structured central theme.  The first meeting with this new format looked at how the industry is dealing with the hosting of eClinical technology.  Full minutes are available on the ACDM website but a snapshot of views from those present included:

  • There has been a significant shift from on-premise hosting to externally hosted solutions.
  • The majority of eClinical Technology is now available as an externally hosted offering.
  • Despite wide scale use of the term cloud based hosting, most hosting is not pure cloud with for example elastic provision of services.
  • Previous internal resistance to moving from on-premise to external hosting have decreased.
  • Increased bandwidth and speed, and the ubiquitous nature of internet connectivity have helped support the shift.
  • It was felt there was an increased understanding of the total cost of on-premise hosting and the realisation this was higher than previously thought. 
  • It was predicted that within 5 years that there would be a nearly complete move to external hosting.
  • Shared rather than dedicated external hosting solutions are becoming more common.
  • It is not yet clear how the EMEA position on contemporaneous data will impact the hosting of data.

We are keen to validate these conclusions and would ask that all ACDM members take less than 5 minutes to complete the following survey.  The intent is to get a wider view (from Pharma, CRO and Vendor) on the current and future position of hosting eClinical technology.   Once available we will share the results.

We would love for more folk to join our next call.  We will be holding a session on eSource on August 5th at 9am.  Please contact Rob Nichols ( or Maria Sumner ( for more details. 

Please note all Committee members must be ACDM members. If you are not a member you can easily join the ACDM for a small annual fee ( ) and then get involved.

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