Alison Mee Choo Ha
I started my career in Clinical Data Management approximately three years ago and have gained a lot of experience working both as an end user and processor of data as well as collecting data.
My colleagues think I am weird because I still find every step or process of CDM very stimulating, interesting and I am always looking forward to each working day. My colleagues cannot understand why I get upset when the weekend arrives or when the day is sunny and why I love Mondays and rainy days, hate Fridays or why I do not get ill 365 days a year (with the exception of my recent road traffic accident situation). My previous line manager had to send me home for my ‘annual holiday’ because I still had 25 days by the end of the year.
If you ignore my unusual working ethics, I do take part in normal healthy activities. I am quite active in ACDM activities; I am involved in three ACDM groups at the moment. I am currently Chair of the Laboratory Data Format Working Party, heavily involved in the CDM Qualification Working Party and lastly, contributing to the development of the Career Brochure for the Public Relation Sub-Committee.
Apart from normal DM tasks, my non-DM projects have been computer system validation, ECG digitising and clinical data collection. My current projects are clinical data collection, implementing an electronic data capture system and training study nurses/technicians and induction presentation. The Quality Assurance department is somehow happy with one of my annoying habits of pedantry where I deliberately look for errors in my database, data, case report forms, statistical analysis plans, DM/interim reports and ECG/lab/supplement source data. Occasionally, I also help out in some of the Quality Assurance’s tasks of auditing. My auditing experience includes a vendor audit of CDMS, GLP compliant laboratory and QA processes.
I pay for a ‘posh Gym facility’ monthly but have been nothing but a couch potato for the past year. I did show up on my first induction day and attended every lesson available on the first weekend. Eventually the manager sent me home for fear that I might injure myself by being too keen on my first weekend as a member. I always try to kill a few birds with one stone. Therefore, I go to the cinema, theatre, concerts and comedies for leisure as well as to collect inspirations/materials for my training sessions with study nurses/technicians simply because I do not want to be a boring trainer. I strongly believe in interspersing philosophy/theory with practical examples without compromising quality or money. (I cannot help it if I was brought up with a strong business mind, can I?)
One current obsession is French and I am taking an express French course from Institut Francais (South Kensington) and spend my Saturdays learning French for 6 hours with other passionate French fans
I am also taking a Toxicology course from Kings College, just in case I wish to have a change in career direction and am planning to take either the International Diploma in Toxicology (IDT) or Diploma of the American Board of Toxicology (DABT).
Alison Mee Choo Ha
Chair, ACDM Laboratory Data Format Working Party
(Hammersmith Medicines Research)