MedDRA Web Sites Available
Software technics Ltd.
The site contains a demonstration of the MedDRA coding and integration tool. Software technics Ltd. can load updates into the user’s MedDRA database as well as allowing the user to code terms using the data stored in the MedDRA database. It is also possible within this module to search & browse terms, copy terms to clipboard and locate terms in documents and spreadsheets.
MedDRA MSSO (maintenance and support services organisation)
This is the official site that offers amongst the following :-
An introduction and profile which includes details of the MSSO role and how MedDRA all started.
Activities and upcoming events (such as conferences and user group meetings).
Minutes from various meetings that have taken place.
What’s new in the world of MedDRA.
Popularly asked questions and answers.
MedDRA community (links with other organisations such as ICH, FDA and Ministry of Health and Welfare).
ACRO Inc. - Pharmaceutical contract research
A background of the roles within the company starts the page, followed by pointers to facilitate MedDRA understanding. The web also focuses on how to perform COSTART & MedDRA coding and how to convert codes between the different systems.
The site basically answers any MedDRA questions someone might have. There is information on MedDRA committees worldwide as well as a question and answer forum (useful and interesting).
ICH Main (International Conference on Harmonisation)
Regulatory authorities from Europe, Japan and the United States are brought together in the site. There is a MedDRA section that primarily concentrates on training and MedDRA term selection
Ottosen site for drug safety and pharmacovigilance
An individual’s site that will provide minutes from the latest meetings, news on planned meetings and proposals. Advice is given on different level coding. The site is updated on a regular basis.
Helen Kazimeirowicz
Covance CRU, Leeds