APRIL 2001
ACDM Computer Systems Validation Workshop - November 2000
This course was a very useful hands-on approach to learning how to validate computer systems used within Clinical research. Over the 2 days we learnt the ins and outs of the validation process, using a real life scenario which was worked upon over the duration of the course to aid continuity.
At the end of each teaching section a practical workshop exercise was under-taken applying the theories taught in the current section to the scenario which was continuously being built up.
The course gave expert advice all the way through, often aided by the experiences gained by the course tutors. The topics covered ranged from initial brain storming to User acceptance testing and Test script generation to preparing for external audits.
This was a very well balanced course which helped me in experiencing all the aspects of validating a computer system using a practical approach rather than just a list of theoretical steps which need to be applied.
Nick Collins
Napp Pharmaceutical Group