APRIL 2001
Maria Small
As usual at this time of year, my letter here is an opportunity to reflect on yet another successful Annual Conference. Ensuring that such an event runs smoothly is not a straightforward task and it is easy to underestimate the amount of time and effort put in by the Conference Sub-Committee. The fact that the event runs so professionally is due to their voluntary efforts on behalf of the ACDM and I would like to thank them here for making our Conference a success again this year.
A first for this year, and fittingly for "The e-Conference", was a Webcast of the first day's events - an experience brought to you through the heroic efforts of the Website Sub-Committee. It is apt for the ACDM to be at the forefront of using new technologies and I hope this is something we will continue to include in future Conferences. Of course, the Conference was also the venue for another important event in our Calendar - the Annual General Meeting. Although no formal proposals were considered at the meeting, the Main Committee did present their plans for some important changes to the Association this year. Firstly, to remove the membership distinction between clinical data managers employed by pharmaceutical companies and those employed by other organisations, in particular CROs. We would like to ensure that the views of all our members are taken into consideration before we make a final proposal to amend the Constitution and would therefore value your feedback via the Main Committee or the Newsletter.
Secondly, but just as importantly, to propose that the legal status of the ACDM is changed to that of a Company Limited by Guarantee. The primary benefit of this change would be to protect you, our Members, from any financial liability. However, to enable us to transfer our status in time for the next financial year, we may need to call an Extraordinary General Meeting in the coming months and would appreciate your efforts in helping to make this meeting quorate. One sad aspect of an AGM is saying goodbye to a retiring Committee Member. Roger Hill (Pfizer) stood down this year after serving on the Main Committee since 1996. During that time, Roger was Vice-Chairperson for 2 years, as well as acting Treasurer for part of one year. Roger helped guide us through VAT registration and the legal complexities of Constitutional amendments. I'd like to propose my thanks to Roger and I hope he will continue to stay involved in ACDM activities.
Finally, I'd like to congratulate the Training Sub-Committee on the success of their first Senior Clinical Data Managers' Forum in January. It was an excellent opportunity, not just to share and compare experiences during the day meeting, but also to continue the discussions in a more informal atmosphere over dinner. For those of us with hectic work schedules, this innovative format proved a valuable opportunity to attend training and network with our peers, without taking too much time out of the working week. You can read more about the meeting later in the Newsletter - and the next meeting is early in April so don't forget to register.
Maria Small
ACDM Chairperson