APRIL 2001
Interested in Data Warehousing?
There are many definitions of a data warehouse, one being that it is a database containing consolidated data from distinct operational databases, spanning long time periods, and augmented with summary information.
In this way, financial and clinical data from many disparate sources are brought together into a single location. The key advantage of a data warehouse is that data can be aggregated across millions of records quickly, and without impacting other information systems. These data can be used to support all levels of organisational decision-making and research. Data warehouses have different design philosophies, objectives and utilisation. Each can use a different set of tools for populating the warehouse, data transformation and data extraction.
For the pharmaceutical industry, data is one of its most important assets and as regulatory climates change companies are collecting ever-increasing amounts of data. Many people within Clinical Data Management are involved or interested in data warehousing and to support this the ACDM Main Committee believe the membership may benefit by the initiation of a Data Warehouse Special Interest Group.
If you are interesting in being the Chairperson of such a SIG, or would like to become a member please send an email to myself in the first instance. SIGs usually meet four times a year and advertise their activities in the ACDM Newsletter.
If you are interested, please me.
Louise Wood