APRIL 2001
Letter from the Main Committee
The ACDM Vice Chairperson, Vanessa Tierney, wrote about the activities of the Main Committee in a recent Newsletter regarding the change of the ACDM image and marketing activities. Between then and now you will have noticed that the overall image of the ACDM has changed following the introduction of the new logo and its accompanying strap line "the career companion for the data management professional". The key faces of the ACDM have now changed, including the Newsletter, Website and training publicity material. The letterhead, ACDM mailing sleeves and other functional documents such as the Annual Report also now reflect the new image and other projects are in the pipeline - you will hear more about these soon.
In addition to these areas it was felt that the standard ACDM Presentation that is provided to members for their own use and interest should now follow suit. This presentation gives an overview of the ACDM for any member to use within their own companies or for Working Party, SIG and Sub Committee teams to use if any external partnerships are established that benefit from people having a greater appreciation for what the ACDM is all about and its current activities.
The presentation now follows the new format and is available from the ACDM website. Included in the slides are details on the number of members and also the countries which they represent as well as lots of information around all the activities currently supported. Please visit the website and look at the ACDM Presentation.
For people that wish to show the presentation as a Microsoft PowerPoint slide show please go to the Private side of the website where you will find a PowerPoint version - please refrain from changing the slides as we need to ensure we provide consistent information to the various ACDM audiences. If you do feel that a change could be made or additional information included then please either write to the Editor of the Newsletter or email the Web Master and they will ensure your recommendations are passed to the Main Committee.
It has been recognised that some members do need to design presentations on behalf of the ACDM and so a blank slide master has also been provided on the Private side of the website - please use this if creating presentations which contain information about ACDM activities. If you have forgotten your membership number or password for accessing the Private site - do not worry just email webmaster@acdm.org.uk and you will be provided with your information by return!
As always the Main Committee welcome your comments around the changes you have seen and any thoughts you may have around any aspect of the ACDM.
Jacqui Spencer
Treasurer, Main Committee