Working Globally from the Heart of Europe
From the Headquarters view point....
If one is interested in getting hands-on work experience in another culture, a job in a globally operating pharma company may be the fastest and most exciting way to get business experience in an international setting. Employees at our Headquarters in Basel/Switzerland have constant relationships with countries spread all over the five continents. Every day at our Company, countless nationalities interact, blending their knowledge and experiences, and transcending ethnic and geographical boundaries.
Adaptation to "globalization" may start with the language. About two thirds of the staff at Headquarters are non-native English so that both groups, the English natives and the non-natives have to develop not only strategies to avoid potential conflicts due to linguistic misunderstandings but also to learn how to approach other cultures.
The journey towards effective cross cultural communication supposes a combination of mutual diplomacy and wise use of technology. A certain sensitivity is also needed to work in a so-called "remote team" or "virtual team". Both individuals and technicalities are challenged to achieve high performance with the highest quality.
Monique Stadelmann
Basel, Switzerland