JULY 2001
Maria Small
Last month you will have received a special mailing from the ACDM notifying you of an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to be held at the Commonwealth Institute in London on the 4th July. Main Committee have called this meeting to ask the membership to approve a proposal to transfer the Association to a Company Limited by Guarantee and to transfer the assets of the Association to this new company. We would like to effect this change in time for the start of our new financial year in September.
To many of you, this may seem to be a relatively unimportant proposal and perhaps not one that warrants an EGM. However anyone who has been involved in the running of the Association, particular those who have served on Main Committee, will know how crucial this change is to the continued effective running of the ACDM. Our current status as an unincorporated association means that all Members (that's you!) are open to potential liability should the ACDM become insolvent or an uninsured claim be made against the ACDM. As the Association has grown and our activities, such as Conference and Training Courses, grown with us, this financial risk has become increasingly worrying to Main Committee. Transferring to a Company Limited by Guarantee will protect the majority of members from any personal liability.
The transfer will also bring other advantages, such as obtaining credit ratings with our suppliers, which until now has sometimes proved difficult. Main Committee embarked on this course of action under the basic premise that none of the operational processes of the ACDM will differ from those outlined in the current Constitution and that the rights of ACDM members would remain unchanged. These principles will be contained in two documents - the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association. These are unfortunately longer and more complicated than the Constitution - and differ from the Constitution in three areas outlined in the previous mailing information.
As you can imagine, the biggest obstacle to this transfer is ensuring that the EGM is quorate - that means a minimum of 60 members attending. Main Committee has worked with the Training Sub-Committee and two Special Interest Groups to co-ordinate holding three events at the same venue on 4th July. We now need your support in attending the EGM if you attend these events and to encourage your colleagues to attend. We would also encourage you to come along just for the EGM at 12.30pm. The ACDM really needs your help to ensure we can continue to operate effectively to provide the activities you have come to expect.
I look forward to seeing many of you in London on 4th July
Maria Small
ACDM Chairperson