JULY 2001
Lisa Goodwin
It looks like summer has finally arrived (hopefully it won't be raining again as you read this!) - what could be better than reclining back in a deckchair reading the July issue of the newsletter!
First of all, we would like to welcome a new member to the team. David Quarm joined the Newsletter Sub-Committee a short while ago and has quickly thrown himself into the swing of things by offering to be the new contact for the Newsletter Sub-Committee page on the ACDM website.
Following on the same lines, I'm sad to say that Geoff Charlwood has decided to step down from the committee, but will be keeping in touch as an Associate of the Newsletter. All our thanks go to Geoff for his work, support and commitment to the newsletter over the years and we look forward to pestering him for articles in the future!
The next issue of the newsletter is themed around Global Data Management. If anyone has articles that they wish to send in, knows someone who may be willing to contribute or simply has ideas of what they would like to read about, please contact any member of the Newsletter Sub-Committee or email me on editor@acdm.org.co.uk
In the meantime, I hope that you find the July issue interesting and the articles enjoyable.
Until next time
Lisa Goodwin
Editor, ACDM newsletter