October 2001
Maria Small
At the time of writing this I am about to go away on my Summer holiday, and October seems a long way off. However I know how quickly time can fly by, especially in the "ACDM" year.
At the time of my last letter, we were organising the EGM for July and planning how to get as many ACDM members as possible to London on the same day to ensure the EGM was quorate. There was a threat of a train strike on 4th July and the Main Committee was starting to worry that all our well-laid plans would be thwarted by a lack of transport into London. As I hope you've heard by now, the EGM went ahead successfully at the Commonwealth Institute on a very hot day in July - a huge "Thank You" to all of you who made a special effort to attend. We can now continue to move forward with our plans to convert the ACDM to a limited company. By the time you read this everything should be in place, we'll be registered at Companies House, and our funds will have been transferred across to the new company.
There is one person on the Main Committee who has personally contributed a tremendous amount of her own time to move our plans forward in this area, and that's our Treasurer, Jacqui Spencer. Jacqui has kept us on track to ensure we can make these changes for the next financial year and is also working on clarifying our tax position. I'd like to express my great thanks to Jacqui for everything she has done (and continues to do) for the Association.
One other thing Jacqui has helped us launch (when not keeping track of our finances or liasing with our legal experts) is the new "image" of the Association. Our latest initiative is an ACDM exhibition stand and presentation materials, so keep a look out for us at meetings and conferences. The Public Relations Sub-Committee will be one of the first groups to make use of the stand at the "Career Alternatives for Scientists" exhibition in November.
I hope you all enjoyed the summer and are now relaxed and refreshed and ready for new challenges! Don't forget we'll be looking for volunteers to join next year's Main Committee and Sub-Committees soon.
Maria Small
ACDM Chairperson