October 2001
Promotion of Clinical Data Management
The Public Relations Sub-Committee members are pleased to announce the publication of the career brochure 'A Career in Clinical Data Management'. The brochure will be used to promote both the ACDM and careers in Data Management to a wide audience of school leavers, new and recent graduates and people seeking a change in career. The Public Relations Sub-Committee would like to thank the following people for their valuable contribution to the development of this brochure:
Jacqui Spencer (Roche)
Louise Wood (Statwood)
David Baker (Chiltern)
Jill Collard (Napp)
Carol Hoyle (Amgen)
Nicki Chadwick (Astra Zeneca)
Adam Baumgart (Phase Forward)
Gill Lawrence (Pharmacia)
Nicky Lawrence (Pharmacia)
Maria Small (Amgen)
Rupert Purcell (Creative Design)
Peter Quigley (Pfizer)
We would also like to acknowledge the contribution of previous members of the Sub-Committee.
In order to increase awareness of Data Management as a profession and career of choice, we plan to attend career fairs, conferences and conventions.
The first of these is 'Career Alternatives for Scientists' on 16/17 November 2001, which is a high profile career fair aimed at science-based professionals and attracting over 2000 attendees. We also plan to distribute the career brochure to as many careers offices as possible and follow this up with articles in professional journals. If you are interested in getting involved with this exciting opportunity, please contact any Sub-Committee member.
Vanessa Woodhead (Amgen),
Angela Ison (Pfizer),
Nana Tiwaa Gyambibi (Chiltern),
Alison Ha (ASRU)