January 2002
Alison Jordan
When I was seventeen, I had a scientific career in mind and a place at Cardiff University subject to A Level results. This changed during said A Levels when I spent three weeks in the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford with a burst ovarian abscess. I decided not to repeat my A Levels but accept a place at Bournemouth to study for a degree in Hotel Management. Once again fate changed my future when I met Mark just before I began the course. After a year, I came back to High Wycombe and began as a cashier in Barclays Bank and was planning my wedding two years later. The saying "the best laid plans of mice and men....." certainly applies to me as three months before my wedding I was rushed to hospital again and the result of this was I was told I would never have children. The wedding took place on time, we went on honeymoon and I returned pregnant!!!!!
After the birth of my second child (Stevan) two years later, I decided to take up my studies again and in the next 6 years, I had another son (Thomas) and through the Open University, acquired a BSc (Hons) in Biology/General Science (1996), then a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) (1997). During all this time I also worked two nights a week in Accident and Emergency at Wycombe General Hospital (which was a real eye opener to say the least, but a great place for anyone to learn the true meaning of teamwork).
I joined Searle in 1998 (why Data Management who knows but I had tried quite a few things by then!) as a Clinical Data Manager where as well as working on all aspects of data management I became involved in System Validation. In March 2001, following a company merger, I took up a new position as an Operations Analyst within Clinical Data Management for Pharmacia. This new role involves training Clinical Data Managers, involvement in the creation and maintenance of CDM operational procedures, System Validation and New Technology implementation within CDM. Coping with the merger has been made so much easier with the new job, a great boss and the enthusiastic team I work with.
In 1998 I also began the MSc at Kingston University in Clinical Data Management (study mad!!). Having now 10 modules under my belt I am currently undertaking the dissertation with the hope of completing next year.
I have been an active member of the ACDM since 1998, attending training courses and writing articles for the newsletter. This year I have taken on the responsibility of updating the ACDM Website calendar and chairing the CSV SIG as well as becoming a trainer on the ACDM Introduction to Data Management Course.
Alison Jordan