January 2002
From Paper to the Web
Since building the ACDM newsletter web pages we have been asked to explain what is involved with the production of the html pages. As the newsletter goes to press we set to work on converting the pages into html pages which goes through the following 3 stages:
First we remove all the adverts and create a new pdf file for downloading from the website. The edited text is then exported from the quark document into a text file. All charts and diagrams are re-opened in Freehand where the colours are changed to a web safe palette and the sizes are amended from mm to pixels and to the grid being used on the html page. These are then exported as .gif files.
All the images are reduced in Photoshop from 300dpi to 72dpi, which is the resolution needed for on screen viewing, these are also exported as .gif files. It is very important to make sure the file sizes are small so that when it comes to uploading a web page onto your screen it does not take too long. Now we have all the necessary furniture we move to step 2 and start creating the web pages.
This stage involves updating all the standard pages and creating new links for the latest issue. We then start building the individual html pages for each new article. The imported text is formatted and the images, charts and icons are placed accordingly. On completion these pages are linked to the new contents page.
Now the html pages are complete we upload them onto a website to ensure all pages and links are working. Once we are satisfied we stuff the files into a self extracting archive for a PC as we use Apple Macs and send it to Tim@graphic options who places the files into a specific folder onto the ACDM server. The ACDM newsletter is now up and running in html pages.
The newsletter is on the private side of www.acdm.org.uk under the publications link. Click on newsletters and the welcome page will come up with the following links:
this takes you to the contents page of the latest newsletter and clicking on an articles will show you the html version.
shows you issues 24 to the current newsletter. Clicking on the issue number leads you to the relevant contents page and allows the option to download the pdf file. From issue 37 to the current you are able to view the newsletter in html pages or download the pdf file.
gives you general details including advertising dates, rates, article deadlines, committee members and a link direct to the calendar of events. There is also a list of all previous themed issues, clicking on a theme will link you direct to the contents page of that issue, allowing the option to download the pdf or view the html version if available.
Our main priority is to keep the html pages clean, user friendly, easy to navigate and quick to download. We also feel it is important to keep the html pages familiar to the printed version. If you have any comments or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Newsletter Sub-Committee.
Kerry Low
Character Design