April 2002
Exchange Ideas, Share Information: Discuss.
What the ACDM website needs is an area where members can exchange ideas and share information: Discuss.
Those of you that have visited the members' only area of the ACDM website (the ACDM Private Side) will have noticed the addition of a new area. This is the Resources Area; a new feature dedicated to providing our members with services designed to help them extract the maximum value possible from the site. The first such service to be launched is the Discussion Forum.
Members that have attended ACDM training courses, conferences, and other similar events will be aware that in addition to the planned material delivered during these affairs, there is much to be learnt through discussions with fellow delegates outside of the official sessions (coffee breaks are the best). There are no new problems – someone, somewhere, will have experienced the circumstances you are dealing with and can offer advice and help (if you can find them!). Regulation and standards drive our industry; we all use similar systems to achieve our goals – these factors make for prime 'growing conditions' for a fledgling Discussion Forum.
So the Website Sub-Committee have given you your own forum – now every time you visit the website you have the ability to enjoy the coffee break experience and ask the question that has been keeping you awake all night or canvas opinion on your latest bright idea. There is of course a slight difference to the traditional break-time conversation. There are no slightly dry Danish pastries, but more importantly you're not asking one or two colleagues their opinion – you're talking to an audience closer to two thousand! There are other benefits too – not least of which being that you won't get stuck in a corner with someone who says 'I hear what you're saying but my problem is...'. The answers to your questions will be posted back to the forum and other members may supplement what is there and, if you're really lucky, you may even spark off a debate. To maintain the integrity of the Discussion Forum all postings are moderated.
The key to the success of the Discussion Forum lies with you – the ACDM membership. We need your questions and answers to make it grow into an important source of information for us all. As it grows we will revise the forum headings and add new ones where required. As always with the Website Sub-Committee there is a prize draw to encourage you to use the facility. Each time you post onto the forum you will be entered into a draw to win a digital camera (that also records video and audio, and plays MP3). If you haven't got a question, try and answer one – you want this prize.
There are already postings in the forum, if you haven't already visited this part of the site go and have a look. I would encourage all members to check it at least weekly – there may be a new posting you can help with.
As ever we will be working to improve the forums and add functionality to keep it fresh and as useful as possible. Moving forward we will be adding new services to the Resource Area making it the place to go for information related to Clinical Data Management.
Remember – it's good to talk... but it's better to discuss!
If you like the sound of what the Website Sub-Committee is doing and would like to get involved contact us via the website or call me and we'll tell you more.
Andrew MacGarvey
Chair – Website Sub-Committee