April 2002
Web Page Challenge
Can you write the HTML code to produce a page that looks like this? If you can you maybe in with a chance to win a bottle of bubbly... simply send us the HTML code that will reproduce this web page and you'll be entered into the competition. (nb. in the table you can replace the image and the text with your own choices – the more amusing the better!) The winner will be judged by the Website Sub-Committee and notified via email.
Tip: all the info you need to do this is in Parts I, II and III on the Website Sub-Committee's page at www.acdm.org.uk
Email your code to webmaster@acdm.org.uk with a subject of HTML competition by 1st June 2002 (remember you'll need to send us any image files you've used too).
Corinne Hedgley
ACDM Website Sub-Committee