July 2002
Enjoy Your Summer
The Directors have received feedback that Members find it difficult to know what are the current activities of the ACDM and which Members are involved. To help ensure all Members have access to this information, the private site of the web site has been developed to include an Administration link which provides direct access to key documents such as the ACDM SOPs, Minutes of AGMs/EGMs and the Annual Reports. From a financial perspective Members can now access Book Keeper Guidelines and the Final Accounts from last year. We have also asked the ACDM Working Parties, Sub-Committees and Special Interest Groups to update the Members by completing a standard report template. Please take the time to access the private web site as there is a great deal of valuable information available – the webmaster is more than happy to help Members that need help logging on for the first time.
In this Newsletter a diagram has been published to provide the overall structure of the ACDM, showing which Director is working with which group and the main contact for the group so that Members can contact them directly. As we have grown as a Company the number of people working at Resources for Business (the ACDM Administration Office) has also increased. There are now 5 people who co-ordinate the different ACDM activities from an administration perspective and these have also been included for Members interest.
On a separate note, it has come to the attention of the Directors that there have been a number of instances in which Members of the ACDM have been contacted by telephone allegedly by the 'ACDM' asking for names of people within their Data Management Department. We would like to stress that the ACDM does not contact Members by telephone regarding membership. It is also against the ACDM policy for Members to use the membership list for commercial gain and we will take action against Members found to be doing so. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from the ACDM asking to disclose information about Members please contact any Director listed on the reverse of every Newsletter.
On a more positive note, activities within a number of the ACDM Groups have increased significantly over the past 12 months and I know that Members participating are gaining a great deal not only from the subject matter but also from working closely with Members from different organisations. There are still a few groups (Newsletter, Training and Post Graduate Qualification in particular) that need keen and eager Members to help (in whatever way). A question was asked at the last Conference as to how much time was needed to participate in ACDM Groups and as we recognise that a number of Members give up their own personal time or others have very heavy workloads there is no set time requirement and it is as little or as much as you can offer. There are also a wide variety of activities within the Groups that need different skill sets so there is a place for everyone!
Enjoy your summer – perhaps we could start a new Newsletter feature "Postcards from Members". I'll give a prize to the person that sends the most "original" postcard – with only one rule – we have to be able to publish it!
Jacqui Spencer
Chairperson, ACDM