Introducing... The International Network of Clinical Data Management Associations
This group has emerged formally from the successful implementation of a network of international data managers by the ACDM's International Collaboration Sub-Committee. The original "network" made up of representatives from DM associations in France, Germany, the Nordic region, Australia and the US has had two successful years of regular contact by e-mail and quarterly teleconference. In the teleconferences current "hot" topics, for example, EDC and MedDRA, were discussed and information on the different association activities was shared. However, it was now felt it was time for the group to be more formally recognised to the outside world and to serve as a contact point for organisations and agencies to be able to contact worldwide data management associations to gain information and/or feedback.
The change started with a new name, making us an international group independent of any association but represented by many DM associations. This next step was to clearly define our goals and objectives and these are outlined below.
Meet with our network via TC at least 4 times in 2002
Ensure all websites of Associations on International Network of CDM Associations are up to date and that all websites have links to the other websites.
Write at least 1 article on International Network in all Associations’ Newsletters.
Ensure all members of the network are signed up as Affiliate Members of other associations by the end of 2002.
Ensure network of contacts is satisfied with content of TCs, as determined by survey to be conducted in Q4 2002.
Increase membership of network by at least 1 more CDM association (or if they do not want to join if they are happy to receive our minutes etc and they could share any relevant conference if nothing else).
Raise level of awareness that this network exist for example with regulatory authorities or other bodies (eg ICH process, CDISC, EDM Forum...) that put guidelines together as a facilitator of information to the right people within the respective associations.
Try to give presentations of our Network during meetings like DIA.
Encourage more information exchange between telephone conferences, eg increased sharing of presentations/training materials between associations.
Keep the information up to date for the different associations.
Rotate the chair of the network every 6 months.
All associations to actively participate in teleconferences and to try and provide guest speakers.
If you are interested in joining us or would like use us/collaborate with us, please contact Jenny Maginn (contact details below), who is the contact person for the network.
The following sections provide information and update information on each of the associations that are members of the network. The contact name for each of the associations is included.
Jenny Maginn