July 2002
ACDM Website – Contractors Database
The ACDM is about to embark on another amazing project that is aimed at providing both Pharmaceutical Industry and Clinical Research Organisations (CROs) with the means to access a wide range of Data Management experience and knowledge.
The Contractors Database is the next project headed-up by the Website Sub-Committee and will be located under the Resource menu on both the Public and Private side of the Website. The service will have two key functions:
As a group we intend to hold two meetings a year and once we have the website up and running we hope that all agendas for future meetings will be there for all to see.
Please however, see below for proposed presentation subjects and topics for discussion that the group have planned for the future!
Profile – Independent contractors in the ACDM membership will have the opportunity to enrol and enter all their skills and experience details on an online profile. Other options will include willingness to travel with distance and qualifications. The profile is likely to use selection lists and radio buttons to encourage standard responses and allow the search engine to be more specific when looking for your skills.
Contractors will be able to update their profile at any time to reflect any changes in circumstances, recently gained experiences and the option to hide/show current availability.
Search – Searching the Contractors database will be available on the Public side of the ACDM Website, this means that everyone (including non ACDM members) will have access to search through the database for potential contractors with no charge. The process to find contractors will be as follows:
Using the pre-defined criteria, select the various skills and experience levels to identify your ideal contractor.
A list of potential candidates will be displayed for your approval, the identities of the contractors will be omitted.
Approved contractors will be e-mailed of your interest along with any supporting information (this task will be monitored for safety purposes).
The contractor will then contact you directly so the real communication can begin.
This facility is intended for use by ACDM members who are independent contractors or by CRO's or other organisations who provide contractors to the Pharmaceutical Industry.
This facility is being offered by the ACDM as a means of storing and searching details of independent contractors only and is by no means a recommendation of the ACDM regarding the experience or skills of the contractors listed within the system.
David Howard
Associate Director of Technical Services, Omnicare Clinical Research,
ACDM Website Sub-Committee