Caroline Fenning receiving her honorary membership from Jacqui Spencer
July 2003
I was thrilled to be awarded Honorary membership of the Association and so taken aback by Jacqui's kind words at the Conference that I did not say what I had planned in accepting my award and framed print. I am therefore sending my thanks to all ACDM members via this newsletter.
Thank you so much for the picture "Party Animals" which is a very entertaining print to have on my wall.
I am delighted to be awarded Honorary membership and pleased that my contribution is appreciated. The ACDM opened my perspective from that of a department role and responsibility in big pharma to the larger clinical data management discipline as applied worldwide to all sorts of clinical data groups.
My work on the main committee, training sub-committee, conference and meetings sub-committee as they then were, all helped me, in my opinion, to develop professionally in a more expanded environment. I benefited from making great friends and enjoying the team spirit that is generated from building initiatives, discussing proposals and ideas and managing and preparing events with others across companies.
It was and is all huge fun, with some headaches and days when the commitment of time seems impossible. However the feeling of achievement post event and being a part of a useful discipline has always compensated for the amount of work. I now enjoy my part in the workshops: Advanced CDM and Staying Ahead of the Game and in working with the International Network of CDM Associations group.
I hope that others, just starting in CDM or those who feel they want to expand on their CDM role, decide to join one of the sub-committees, working parties or other supportive Association activities to make a contribution.
In so doing, I hope that they too find it is good fun and their sense of achievement and benefit outweigh the commitment of time which is needed. Many thanks again for the recognition of my contribution which I enjoyed providing and hope to continue. It made my day!
Caroline Fenning
Director, Biometrics Europe, Kendle International