July 2003
Many thanks to those Members that have contacted myself, other Directors and Chairs of the various sub groups to offer support. We have had a number of new recruits following the Conference and my last Newsletter and, although we still need more help in running the various ACDM activities, I wanted to thank those of you that have joined already this year. Let's hope the trend continues.
One of the aims of the Board of Directors this year is to make our activities and meetings more transparent and make ourselves more accessible to Members. To start this off we have decided that at the end of each of my Newsletter sections I will include the dates and locations for our planned meetings. As we have to be quorate at these meetings and we need to fit in with the Conference dates for 2004 they do (very occasionally) change and so we will also publish them on the ACDM website where it will be easier to ensure they are current.
The Board of Directors have also decided to have a "Meet the Directors" morning. This is so that any ACDM Member can come and talk to all of the Board or a specific Director to ask more questions around the running of the ACDM, make suggestions about changes or enhancements to our activities or just to discuss thoughts on the future direction of clinical data management and the ACDM. The meeting will take place during the morning of July 9th at the Novartis Foundation in London. From 10.00 to 12.00 noon it is an "open" meeting where you can simply turn up. If you would like to make a specific appointment or meet with one Director in particular then please contact them prior to the day to make the necessary arrangements. One-to-one appointments will be available from 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. We have selected this date and venue because during the afternoon at the Novartis Foundation the Training Sub-Committee are hosting a Senior Data Managers' Forum and we thought it would be a good idea to combine the two events.
At the first meeting of the new Board we agreed all of the roles and responsibilities for the Board of Directors and these can be found on page 22 of this Newsletter. We have decided to investigate the possibility of creating another group – Strategic Communication and Media. The remit of the group will be to focus on internal communication between ACDM Members. This will complement the Public Relations group whose focus is external communication and the promotion of the ACDM and clinical data management as a profession. The Directors felt that there was more we could do to enhance the ACDM mailings, provide interim news updates between each Newsletter and form closer links with the Web Site so we can further support the needs of the Members. Additional details on the Strategic Communication and Media group will follow shortly.
We have invited the Chairs of the Sub-Committees and Working Parties who did not attend a Directors' meeting last year to attend one this year so we can discuss current and future activities. The groups attending this year are: Web Site, CDM Qualification, Postgraduate Qualification and Training.
We are also working on a Board of Directors Handbook (including ACDM SOPs) that will provide details of everything involved in being a Member of the Board as well as requirements to run the ACDM. This will be available by the end of our term and will be used to hand over to the next Board. It will also be available for Members to read more about the ACDM. I hope this brings you a clearer understanding of the different meetings and activities of the Directors.
Date Location
Thursday 19th June Eisai, Hammersmith
Wednesday 9th July Novartis Institute, London
Thursday 24th July Datatrial, Newcastle
Thursday 21st August AstraZeneca, Alderley Edge
Thursday 16th October Pfizer, Sandwich
Thursday 27th November GSK, Greenford
Wednesday 14th January Eisai, Hammersmith
Tues 17th & Wed 18th February Roche, Welwyn Garden City
Jacqui Spencer
Chairperson, ACDM