October 2004
ACDM Project Management Course
I recently attended the ACDM Project Management course at the Oatlands Park Hotel, Weybridge. The overall course objectives were to introduce the concepts, skills and tools for project management with an emphasis on Data Management.
The course trainers Adam Baumgart and Jon Wood are both very experienced in the role of Data Management. They kicked off the two days with an interesting ice breaker where we had to draw symbols that described us and then another person had to try and decipher this information. As you can imagine, the results were hilarious but the ice breaker did have the desired effect of us all getting to know each other a little better.
The course content over the 2 days helped us achieve the objectives of the course by introducing us to topics such as What Makes a Good Project, Project Management Roles/Tools, Project Lifecycle and Process Improvement. All of these sessions were very interactive as we broke out in teams to discuss or brainstormed ideas amongst the full team. This meant there was very little focus on traditional lecture style teaching, which I always prefer as it makes the courses less formal and more enjoyable.
The main highlights of the course for me were learning new information on project management and process improvement, meeting new people and learning how data management is conducted within different companies, as well as the social event which was a lovely dinner held at the Oatlands Park Hotel.
By the end of the 2 days I was able to come away with some very useful information and tools to help manage my studies. This included being able to identify the different stages of project team development, how to plan and monitor a study project successfully and how to implement process improvements to help deliver studies to agreed timelines.
Overall, I felt that the course was well run and I would recommend it to Data Managers who are new to running their own studies or other projects.
Allison Taylor
Clinical Data Manager, GlaxoSmithKline