January 2005
Spread the Word
Becoming a data manager was a total accident. On approaching the completion of my PhD in Biochemistry, I knew I didn't want to continue in the lab but what could I do?
I started to apply for every job I could find for a science graduate, mainly for roles like a CRA or journal editor. I almost didn't apply for the Pfizer data management position, as I didn't think it sounded very exciting(!) but I had a few spare moments before rushing off to go to a conference, so I thought I might as well. Good thing I did as 2 interviews later the job actually sounded very interesting and even better, I got offered it! So that was how I found myself in this windy corner of Kent and 10 years later I'm still here.
My current role is not directly in data management but in a change management group responsible for implementing process changes, systems and SOPs across all the groups involved in clinical trials. This gives me the opportunity to implement changes not only in the area of data management, but also in areas as varied as trial documentation, study reporting and archiving of clinical records. It is a very interesting role although there is the ever-present challenge of how to overcome people's natural aversion to change.
Over the years I have become increasingly involved with the ACDM. After attending ACDM training courses and presenting at the conference, I felt it was time to give something back, so I joined the Public Relations Committee in 1998. I was driven by the desire to 'spread the word' so people can choose data management as a career path rather than stumble on it by accident. Attending my first careers fair with the ACDM stand took me back to the time many years before when I was desperately seeking an escape from the lab – how I wished the ACDM had been there then! After many years with Public Relations, I felt it was time to move on, so early 2004 I joined the ACDM Board of Directors and I look forward to contributing to help drive the ACDM forward through the next year.
Of course life is not all about work. My spare time gets filled with running, mountain biking, horse riding, kayaking and climbing, to name but a few. Adventure racing is the new challenge as it is a multidisciplinary sport that combines most of these activities. Oh and then of course there is the odd holiday to Peru, Nepal, New Zealand to fit in somewhere...
Angela Ison,
Director, ACDM