January 2005
Setting Goals
How do you feel now that the end of year deadlines and parties are behind us and January is here? A bit flat, perhaps? I'm sure that a degree of this is familiar to us all, but January always brings with it an opportunity to start afresh with those resolutions for personal improvement, and to plan to address those activities we've been putting off. Naturally, this is true of our personal lives and our professional lives, and now is the time that many of us will be setting goals for the year ahead. Perhaps now is a good time to consider the personal development opportunities which involvement in the ACDM can offer: be it managing a project, managing a budget, leading or participating in a team, marketing, or just mixing with people from other organisations... there are many possibilities which come highly recommended, and which can enrich our own experiences and also benefit our employers. So, whether you are planning goals for yourself or for your staff, why not consider the ACDM? You will find relevant contact details on the back of the Newsletter.
The Board of Directors has been planning for 2005 already, and you will have received in this mailing the requests for proposals for motions for the AGM and nominations for positions on the Board. We will be holding the AGM during the Annual Conference as per the notice from Emma Banks. For the Board of Directors, the following nominations may be submitted: Treasurer, Secretary and five directors. If you would like to discuss this with someone prior to submitting your form, please feel free to contact me. My details are on the back of the newsletter. If you are interested, please return your completed nomination forms to me no later than Monday 31st January.
The 2005 Annual Conference theme this year is 'The Great Pharmaceutical Leap Forward' and will be taking place at Selsdon Park Hotel, South London from 13th-15th March 2005. The content looks to the future of clinical trials and the impact of the evolving environment on Clinical Data Management. In this context, sessions on current hot topics including co-development partnerships, strategic resourcing and the EU Clinical Trials Directive will be given, and you will also be able to participate in smaller focussed streams on Electronic Data Capture, roles in Clinical Data Management, project management and costs of performing trials. Look out for the conference information and make sure you register early to benefit from the discount!
Also, don't forget the J C Amos Award for Clinical Data Management Innovation. Just to remind you: this award which is sponsored by Merck in memory of the late John C Amos will be given to the author(s) of the most innovative poster. The prize value is £3,000 of which a proportion is allocated to personal development. Innovation is key to development of our discipline and this is a fantastic opportunity to express your creativity in clinical data management. You can go it alone, or why not develop a poster with a colleague? The deadline for informing the ACDM Office of your title, approximate size of poster and names of authors, is Friday 28th January.
We also expect to launch the new look ACDM Web Site at the conference, and some more information about training opportunities, which the ACDM provides, from our newly formed Training Strategy Group.
With the conference being run a little later than in previous years, please note that the next newsletter will be delayed by one month to 1st May, in order to ensure that we can include information from this event in the subsequent newsletter. Please see the revised deadlines for copy and advertising inside the front cover.
...Well, now of course, I'm off to join the gym, decorate the house, learn a language... well there's nothing wrong with aiming high!
Louise Wood
Datelor Location
3rd February 2005 Quintiles GDRU, London
8th March 2005 Roche, Welwyn Garden City