May 2005
Information Shared
Looking back over the past few months since the beginning of the year I realise how many activities have already been achieved by the ACDM in 2005. Many of these have been timed to coincide with our conference which took place from 13-15 March. You will see that much of this edition of the Newsletter is devoted to the coverage of the conference, and this is also the reason for the slightly later than usual publication date, so that our members would be able to benefit from a timely insight into the information shared, discussion and activities which took place.
Initial feedback has indicated that the conference itself was very topical, informative and well organised, and credit must be given to all those who made it so successful, namely the speakers, breakout session facilitators, exhibitors, and particularly the Conference Committee and Kingston Smith Association Management who together overcame many challenges which presented themselves along the way. I would also like to thank the various sponsors of the conference, too. Feedback from delegates was collected and will be scrutinised in order to identify the theme for the 2006 Annual Conference, and also to look for ways to improve all aspects of running the event.
There are a few aspects of the conference which I will specifically mention here. Firstly the Annual General Meeting, where some important changes were approved by members as follows. The new Board is now in place for the next year, with two new Directors: David Baker (Chiltern) and Martin Harrop (Amgen). Both have supported the ACDM in the past, and you may recognise Martin's name as the past Chairperson from the Website Committee. We are delighted to have them on board. Sadly we also say goodbye to two Directors: Claire Novak (past Treasurer), and David Sexton (Director), both of whom have made a significant and highly appreciated contribution to development and maintenance activities over the past year particularly in the areas of finance and administrative support. We express our sincere thanks and wish them well.
The make up of the new Board is as follows:
Chairperson Louise Wood Roche
Vice-Chairperson Geraldine Smith GSK
Treasurer Dawn Greenshields AstraZeneca
Secretary Emma Banks Datatrial
Director David Baker Chiltern
Director Martin Harrop Amgen
Director Angela Ison Pfizer
Director Rob Nichols Quintiles GDRU
Director Steven Shiels Quintiles
At the time of writing, the new Board have not yet met to confirm goals and determine roles and responsibilities, but essentially, we see the coming year as a time for continuing the consolidation and completion of some of the initiatives commenced in the last year. The 2005/6 meeting schedule will be published in the July edition of the Newsletter.
The AGM also saw the approval by membership for the Board to review the membership fee annually (in August) to determine whether inflation at that point will necessitate an increase in the following April. Depending on inflation, this may or may not result in an increase, but will essentially enable the membership fee to keep in line with other inflationary administrative costs of running the Association, and should essentially 'smooth' the changes to the fee over time, with fewer larger increases requiring approval from membership. So, as of 1st April 2005, the membership fee will be increased by £1 to £36.
Also during the AGM, the first presentation took place of the J C Amos Award for Clinical Data Management Innovation, sponsored by Merck. There were six poster entries to the competition, all of which were of a very high standard, and which were scored independently and objectively by a judging panel according to some specific criteria. The prize was awarded (coincidentally) to a Merck entry, and the winners have received their prize money and training vouchers, totalling £3,000. More information about the winning entry is given in this Newsletter. For such a generous prize I'm sure you'll agree that it is worthwhile considering entering the competition at the 2006 Annual Conference, so here's an early reminder to start thinking about entering – to present some of the innovative ways in which you have overcome challenges in Clinical Data Management – something we have to be very good at!
The minutes from the AGM are included in this mailing, and are also available, along with the slides from the conference, on the ACDM website (
Finally the new ACDM Website was launched at this year's conference – now updated to improve navigability, appearance and ease of maintenance, and with greater on-line bookings and payments functionality. I would like to congratulate the Website Committee for delivering this activity within budget and three months ahead of schedule, whilst keeping information on the old site current, and with very limited numbers in their team. I would also like to acknowledge the support of our Association Management company in this achievement; and finally would like to thank Graphic Options for their past support of the old site. More information about the updated site is given in this Newsletter.
Our next big event for 2005 is the joint ACDM/ICR Technical Meeting on Electronic Data Capture, and this is taking place on 13th June, followed by a Key Opinion Leaders' meeting where related topics will be debated. Look out for more information in this mailing!
Louise Wood