Summer 2005
ACDM Training Strategy Group
Training and Development of staff is a key part of our industry; career development for the individual and regulatory compliance both put pressure on limited financial resource and time for all companies.
The ACDM has always provided training and development opportunities second to none; drawing on the experiences and training skills of industry members has meant that theory, workshops, networking and real life examples have provided a unique environment for learning. This is an essential element of any training and development offering.
With this in mind, and drawing on the skills and knowledge of the various committee chairs (Training, Postgraduate Qualification and CDM Qualification), we have embarked on a review and consolidation of our training portfolio aiming to identify gaps, enable collaboration with external organisations and further promote our capabilities.
We drafted a Training Strategy Group Charter, highlighting our areas for review, potential actions and some timeframes; the first action was to create a Training and Development Route Map to show the ACDM members what was available at all stages of a data management career. This was achieved through phone calls and e-mail only and with the help of KSAM who did an excellent job in interpreting what we wanted. The result was a mousemat made available at the conference.
In addition to the mousemat, we also created a trifold flyer providing some more detail on all the available options such as training courses, the MSc and short courses, conference, technical meetings, the Special Interest Groups and Committees. We have recently reviewed this flyer and have included it in your mailing to ensure you have to hand the most current information.
One area we have been reviewing is the requirement for a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Scheme. The feedback from our Key Opinion Leaders is that this would be well received but there is significant work to be done in assessing what we already have in terms of our NVQ units and what a CPD scheme would need to contain. The Institute of Clinical Research has launched a very simple scheme with links to membership categories; it will be interesting to see how this evolves. As one of our aims is to provide a data management standard that is recognised across the industry, we do not want to lose the hard work put into the Data Management NVQ units we already have in place so we will be exploring how this can be done in the best way for the ACDM.
We are planning to perform some gap analysis on our training offering. Where we identify gaps we will explore our possible options for providing the missing requirement. This may mean we source training from organisations such as the ICR (e.g. clinical skills requirement for EDC studies). This will need further investigation and the logistics have yet to be defined but this could well provide us with a breadth or training not previously available. As it turns out, ICR are already forging links with the EDC SIG through the CRA sub-committee.
Finally, the training and development opportunities available to us through the ACDM only occur through hard work and the time of a small number of volunteers. In order to ensure we provide what you need, we welcome any level of support. This can vary from becoming a member of a committee to attending training courses, the MSc short courses, the MSc itself, SIG meetings or offering your skills as a trainer or module leader on the MSc course. If you have any interest in any of the above, please contact the relevant committee chair or the ACDM office for further information.
Emma Banks
Chairperson, ACDM Training Strategy Group