Summer 2005
ACDM Newsletter Changes
Some of the more observant amongst our members may have noticed a subtle change to the timings and editions of the Newsletter. Following the success of the Conference Special edition, the ACDM Newsletter Committee and the ACDM Board have re-vamped the timings of the newsletter issues. This simple change gives the team more flexibility in the production of the newsletter and enables article deadlines to move to enable us to include articles from key ACDM and industry events.
As a result, it was felt that the edition name of the newsletters should reflect the new style of distribution and so, from this issue onwards, the ACDM Newsletter will move to Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter issues. As always, the deadlines for articles and distribution are covered on page 2 of the newsletter and members will still continue to receive quarterly editions.
Lisa Goodwin
Editor, ACDM Newsletter