Autumn 2006
ACDM College Week
13-17 November 2006
Have you registered yet for ACDM College Week? If not, why not check out the programme of varied courses to suit all interests and levels of ability.
This is the first time that the ACDM has staged an intensive week full of courses. From 13-17 November, a total of 11 ACDM courses will be run at a central London venue – 17 Portland Place. Two courses will be running concurrently at all times, giving a truly flexible opportunity for delegates to "pick and mix" courses to suit their needs and abilities.
Day 1
The week begins with parallel sessions at very different ends of the experience level. One session will be the regular Fundamentals of CDM course, whilst the parallel course will be an abridged one-day version of the popular Project Management for CDM – an advanced level course. Both of these courses are long-running established ACDM courses that have been well received by delegates over many years.
Day 2
Day 2 again sees parallel courses running at opposite ends of the experience level with the Fundamentals of EDC and People Management for CDM. The Fundamentals of EDC course will be useful for anyone who is new to the use of EDC in clinical trials and wants to learn more. The People Management course is aimed at those working in CDM who manage people and/or need to exhibit leadership within their teams.
Day 3
Day 3 sees two new courses running which will be of interest to both seasoned Data Management professionals as well as those newer to the discipline. In fact, you may find it difficult to choose which one to attend! In one session, you will be able to find out about Managing External Data, whilst the other course covers Guidelines and Documentation for CDM. During the Managing External Data course, you will learn about and discuss data management issues surrounding the many different forms of external data that are collected in a clinical trial, for example, laboratory data, ECG data, diary data, etc. The Guidelines Documentation for CDM course will provide an up-to-date overview of regulations that impact CDM, then moving on to the production and maintenance of required documentation within CDM.
Day 4
On Day 4, you have the opportunity to attend our long standing course on CRF Design or perhaps attend one or both of two half-day courses – CRO/Pharma Interactions and/or Fundamentals of Computer System Validation. The CRO/Pharma Interactions course will look at the important aspects of contracts and service agreements as well as relationship building and roles and responsibilities. The Fundamentals of Computer System Validation course is a precursor for those with limited experience in this area to one of the whole day courses on the following day – Implementing Computerised Systems in Clinical Research.
Day 5
The 5th and final day of ACDM College Week for 2006 offers two more well-established ACDM courses. The Implementing Computerised Systems in Clinical Research course is presented by members of the Clinical Research Computer System Validation Working Party who were also authors of the guideline "Computerised Systems Validation in Clinical Research - A Practical Guide". This course builds on the Guideline and provides practical support and guidance to those who are already, or may in the future be involved in implementing computerised systems within their clinical trial work – that surely must apply to us all! The other course offered to complete the week is our long standing Appreciation of Statistics course, about which one former delegate commented "I never knew statistics could be so interesting!"
All courses are presented by experienced trainers who have first-hand experience from their every-day roles which enables them to share practical examples with delegates. Teaching methods include interactive presentations and real-life examples, interspersed with numerous practical exercises.
If you haven't registered yet, take another look at the courses on offer – there is sure to be something to interest everyone. And remember, the more courses you register for, the cheaper the course fee. In fact, if you attend courses on four days, the 5th day is free!
Gill Lawrence
ACDM Training Committee