Summer 2007
Helping Make a Difference
Ian Pinto
Board of Directors - Public Relations
Roche Products Ltd
I have to start by saying that joining the ACDM board of directors has actually made me feel younger. With around only 13 years in clinical data management, I now find myself amongst colleagues who are in very senior positions with many more years experience within the industry than me.

I like most others, had no idea this career existed and having spent much time trying to get into a job where I could learn about medicine and computing, without spending years studying any further, I get offered a temping position at a small CRO called Parexel. Within one month, they thought I was so good they offered me a job as a data manager. This was of course great having a permanent job for the first time, being able to decide to move somewhere else after a couple of years. Eight years later, after becoming completely dedicated to Parexel, and taking on other positions such as CRF designing, leading the data entry group, and becoming a stats programmer during that time, I felt it was time to move on and gain experience in a pharma company. Over the years, not only did my affections grow for this CRO which had now become one of the largest CROs in the world, but also for a lovely data manager who I asked to marry me. It’s amazing how much can be accomplished with the right resource.

Later that same year, I decided to join Roche as a Project Data Manager and am still enjoying the position very much. Five years have already past and the Roche culture makes it a very unique and friendly place to work.

Away from the office, I still find a little time to spend on music, running a five piece function band and DJing although my 2.5yr old son is slowly winning the fight for that time and I seem to spend most of it playing Postman Pat and Bob the Builder for him on the piano.

Unfortunately, my decision to be on the board of directors has its disadvantages when you have so many colleagues from Roche who have been on the board in various roles, some of which have become honorary members. The pressure to keep up the good work is certainly there but I aim is to help make a difference in the promotion and support of the ACDM for the future.