Autumn 2007
Improving the ACDM Brand
Hope everyone has dried out after summer and the loss assessors have visited and been generous... July, August and September are traditionally a quiet time in the ACDM calendar however your Board have not all been sitting on the Costas, Riviera or Greek Islands enhancing their tans and overall good looks whilst swallowing copious amounts of local produce – both liquid and solid.
The Board recognises that over the past couple of years the ACDM has not been promoting itself both internally and externally as well as we could have been doing. As all of your sales colleagues will no doubt tell you, marketing and branding is very important to the overall perception of a product or company.
In an effort to improve the ACDM brand and perception, the Board, in conjunction with the website, newsletter, training and PR committees, amongst others, has been working hard on bringing together everyone’s ideas and formulating these into actions. By the time you are reading this, you should have received an electronic survey to additionally canvass the views of the general membership. I hope you managed to spare a few minutes of your valuable time to answer this as the Board and committees are trying to improve the ACDM based on what you, the members, want and need.
In the next few months you will also see a long overdue update of the ACDM website, a new look to all of the ACDM stationery, Newsletter, brochure etc. The training committee is also canvassing your ideas with a view to updating the range of courses that are offered to you through the ACDM. We have seen a large interest in working “offshore” lately and some of the courses being thought of will reflect this move in our industry.

There are a large number of upcoming events which I hope will be well supported and I would like to thank the various committees involved for their efforts in organising these events. These are:

Technical Committee for their joint meeting with the PCMG (Pharmaceutical Contract Management Group).

Senior Data Forum & Post Graduate Committee for their Senior Data Manager Forum on building a successful team.

Training Committee for their running of the next College Week on 12th to 16th November 2007 in London. Places are filling fast so if you would like to attend then please contact the ACDM office.
Coding SIG for their Training days being organised with MedDRA MSSO in November (dates to be confirmed). If you would like more information about this please contact Marion Bo-Smith or the ACDM office.
I would like to thank you for your response to the Call for Papers for the 2008 ACDM Conference to be held on 31st March and 1st April at Whittlebury Hall.
I know Tom O’Leary and his conference committee are very pleased with the response. There are a couple of spots still open as I write so if you would like to speak then please contact the Conference Committee or the ACDM office.
All that remains for me to say is congratulations to the winners of the World Cup (rugby of course) and I hope it is my homeland that has triumphed, although, I do not want any correspondence at all if they have not!
David Baker
Chairperson of ACDM, Chiltern International Ltd