A mailshot is sent to every ACDM member in the first week of each month. If you wish to have any material included in the monthly mailing you must:
confirm by fax or letter to the ACDM Office by 10th of the month
supply 1500 copies to the ACDM Office by the deadline below
Deadlines for recruitment adverts and master copies of ACDM notices, flyers etc:
Month Deadline for Masters/Flyers Distribution, week commencing
February 15 January 1 February*
March 15 February 3 March
April 14 March 1 April
May 15 April 1 May*
June 15 May 2 June
July 15 June 1 July
August 15 July 1 August*
September 15 August 1 September
October 17 September 2 October
November 15 October 3 November*
December 14 November 1 December
* To be distributed with Newsletter
ACDM notices only (eg ACDM meetings, SIGs, Board of Directors or Sub-Committee correspondence, AGM information, etc): A master copy should be sent to the ACDM Office, for photocopying and distribution. This must arrive by the deadline above.