May 2005
Letter from the ACDM Chairperson
ACDM and the Institute of Clinical Research
ACDM Senior CDM Forum Rapid Response to Fluctuating Workloads
Are Your Computerised Systems 'Fit for Purpose'
Launch of the New ACDM Website
The Post Graduate Qualifications Module Dates
Overview of Clinical Trial Directive – A Regulatory Perspective
Clinical Trials in Japan
Clinical Trial Directive from a Clinical Research Centre Perspective
J C Amos Award for Innovation in Clinical Data Management
Effective Risk Management in Clinical Data Management
The Cost of Running Trials: The CRO Perspective
The Costs of Conducting a Trial from a CRO Perspective
Exploring the CRA/DM Role Interface
The Differences Between Working at Pharma Companies and CRO's
EDC – Supporting Global Use Through a Coordinated Training Strategy
ACDM Debate
EDC – A Site Users Perspective
Elan and Wyeth: A Case Study on Joint Drug Development
Conference pictures
Emma Banks
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